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We were also taught the tactical reload, but our instructors were able to actively demonstrate just how impractical they are when things really go south.

On the range, I used to pat myself on the back on my ability to count fired rounds and reload while the last round was still in the chamber. I was definitely faster than most on fire-reload-fire exercises.

Then, our instructors threw in stress factors. Along with engaging multiple targets on the move, they would throw in unexpected distractions, everything from yelling and flailing arms to even a flash bang or two.

The result every single time was that I lost count and ended up in slide lock, and I was using a 1911. Try to keep count while all that's going on with a high cap. magazine.

Now that's on the range. For a person to be able to keep even a rough count while engaging an actual threat would take one very cool customer indeed. Personally, I think there are very few people that would be able to do it.

That taught me a lesson. For the real world, I want to hear two clicks as close to simultaneous as humanly possible: the click of the empty mag hitting the pavement, followed very closely by the click of a full mag hitting the well .
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