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Thanks for starting this thread, Glenn. And, of course, for reading S.W.A.T..

It is important to keep in mind that the article is about range habits during tactical training. The administrative (start of shift, etc) use of a press check of some kind is one thing, every time you go to the ready position is the kind of repetition that leads to doing it under stress (we've seen it in scenarios in the shoot-house after reloads, for example!).

Tac-Reload is the same deal, appropriate at some times, but not constantly on the range to the point where you rarely, if ever, do a reload from slide lock. We teach it, but only practice it in context. Slide-lock reload ("critical incident reloads) are infinitely more important to practice.

I appreciate all the feedback. 95+% of the response to this article has been positive, which is a really good sign for the realism of tactical training in general!
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