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I don't know guys, I like the idea of a tac reload IF you're behind some cover and you know you're running low. It just makes good sense to me to keep the mag close at hand if you know you've got more ammo in it.

In a real world situation I can see you doing these types of reloads because it's likely you will not have 4-8 mags in you belt/mag holsters. BUT if you're like me you'll have more ammo in your vehicle or home so I want to keep all of my mags without damaging them on concrete.

However if I'm out in the open and run dry I don't care about anything BUT getting another round chambered. If I can make it into my home or vehicle I know I have at least one more mag and a some more ammo.

Saying that I've only shot in one IDPA match, the qualifier. I don't remember having to do a tac reload in the open but it's been a few weeks. The ones that I remember are when you're shooting behind the walls or barrels.

Either way I think it's a nice tool to have in your bag of tricks should the need to use it ever arise, which is the whole premise of training. I fully agree with everything else, very well written critique.
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