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Ron's Article

I fully agree with everyone. I think it may have it's place but who knows when. As a CCW instructor in AZ it's part of the coarse but I also tell my students that I really don't believe in them. It's like keeping a round count when your butt is at a pucker factor of 60 don't know anyone who can at that time. I tell my students I have to show you but when it comes to your life the cost of that mag is cheap drop it on the ground and get one in your gun once it's empty it's of no use to you or the BG. I try to teach the KISS method of shooting the less you have to think about the better off your are. You feet will be where they end up, your arms need to be locked put the front site on the target and squeeze the trigger. your sites are for longer distances then most of this stuff happens. Go out and make your training as real as possible cause your mind can't tell the difference between what's real and what's make believe.
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