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Tactical reloads receive an uhealthy amount of positive attention in my opinion.

Worrying about the magazine you wanted to get OUT of your gun is something you shouldn't do until you have a full magazine back IN your gun. Then if the situation warrants and you really need the one you dumped, you can pick it up.

I can't see fumbling around with the partially emptied mag in the middle of a reload. Once you dump one mag, your only priority should be getting your gun working again. Trying to deal with the partially empty mag should be WAY down on the list of priorities until after the reload is complete.

The priority of saving a partially loaded magazine should not be elevated above the critically immediate priority of saving your life--the longer you spend with a magazine out of your gun during a gunfight the less time you spend shooting, the less time you spend shooting, the better your chance of dying.

If you get killed during an unnecessarily long and complicated reload, having a partially loaded magazine in your hand or your pocket will be of very little comfort and of absolutely no use.

In my opinion, it would never have gained any significant credibility if IDPA hadn't stumbled onto it as a concrete way to distinguish themselves from IPSC.
He's gonna catch some grief about the tac reloads.
Did you know that there is a TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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