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Bud Helms
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Rich and Co.,

Firstly, I've been participating in TFL for a few weeks and already I can't imagine not visiting here daily (at least once).

Please accept my compliments on a well run and constructed forum. Also, I must compliment the attitude and method that I discern in the approach of moderators and administrators alike. I very much like the way you all participate in the forums.

The reason for this post is to ask if you had ever considered a Buffalo Gun forum.

Buffalo stakes shooting pre-dates the CAS phenomenon, not to say it should necessarily be separate. I could be wrong about the pre-dating ... it pre-dates here at our range (middle GA). So there.

I naturally went to the Handloading and Reloading forum, and then to the CAS forum, for some cast bullet info and found that it wasn't there ... no discussion at all.

Now, as I understand it, the CAS shooters are not so much into casting their own bullets. They buy them in bulk. It's a consumption thing. I can vouch for the buffalo gun folks casting their own (as a rule). It's an accuracy thing. But then, that's the way rifle shooters are. Not to say they don't buy a thousand now and then ... I do. But you get my meaning, I think.

The various religious sects which support casting bullets might need a forum to discuss the pros, cons and methods of producing their own bullets.

Just an idea. If a new forum doesn't get enough participation to warrant it's existence, all that is lost is a BUNCH of Rich's time! Ho, ho.



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