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I took my Mossberg 930 to the range today

I bought the 24" ported rifled bore barrel with the cantilever scope mount. I bought a Leupold VX-1 at Cabelas so the new rig needed to be sighted in and rung-out...

I have a Mossberg 535 that was my "slug gun", Remington Coppersolids work the best so that's what I used to sight in the 930...

After two boxes of the Coppersolids, I was getting 1" groups at 50 yards, right about the same as the far so good. Time to take it out to 100 yards.

I started out with the Remington Premier Coppersolid, 2-3/4", 1 oz, 1450 fps, these consistantly grouped at about 3" Not bad....this is what I use for my zero...

Next up were Federal Premium Power Shok, 2-3/4", 1-1/4 oz, 1520 fps, these were about 2" higher than the Remingtons and grouped about the same...right around 3"...

On to the Brenneke, 2-3/4 in, 1 oz Slug, 1600 fps these were all over the place... groups were 5" at best.....Won't repeat with these...

Winchester Supreme Partition Gold Slugs, 2-3/4", 385 grains, 1900 fps -these grouped from 2" - 3" but were about 3" high....

Last up were the ones I had the most hopes for, the Hornady SST's, 2-3/4", 300 grains, 2000 fps. These grouped from 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" but the groups were 8" high, I couldn't believe that these were shooting so much higher, I shot 2 boxes to verify and they grouped great but if I was going to use these I'd have to re-zero my scope....Has anybody else had this happen with the Hornady's??

Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that the Mossberg 930 is a great slug gun!! If the 930's trigger were closer to a rifle trigger instead of a shotgun trigger I think I could get the Hornady's down to sub 2" groups.

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