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I’m laughing so hard I hardly can type!

Playing along on this thread, I’m laughing to myself (out loud) when my
Mother comes in and asks, “What on earth has you laughing so much?”

Den: This thread, Mom. Here, let me read it to you.
(Dennis reads the thread to his Mother - complete with “voices”!)

Mom: And that’s what you do in here all day?

Den: No, I...

Mom: I thought you were trying to fight all these gun control people!

Den: Mom, what I was trying to say...

Mom: You sound like a bunch of little children!

Dennis loses it, can't reply!
Mom starts to really complain!
Dennis becomes really hysterical!
Mom become really angry and stomps out....

Dang, guys! I can’t stop laughing every time I see her look at me!
(She looked at me FIRST! BWAAAHAAAHAAA!!!)

I gotta quit this.... ! My stomach hurts.

(And in my case, that could be declared a tri-state disaster area! )
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