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Originally Posted by Full-choke
Hmm...I was really thinking semi-auto, but Pump wouldn't be bad either. I'm not a fan of a bolt slug gun, don't know why, just doesn't have an appeal....

On semi-auto, I'd have to handle a Mossberg, haven't ever felt one up. Are they gas or inertia? I'm a huge fan of inertia guns, never really liked gas guns due to dirtiness.

I have the Mossberg 930, I got a cantilevered scope barrel a couple of weeks ago and last night I picked up a scope for it, this weekend I'm going to sight it in. I've got 5 different slugs to try and see what groups the best at 100yrds, I'll report back on Sunday or Monday.

The Mossberg 930 is a gas gun, but as far as clean up is concerned, it's a non-issue, I use Hoppes Elite foaming gun cleaner, I coat everything and let it sit for 20 - 30 minutes, then "hose everything out" with brake cleaner, spray it down with an air gun, then lightly coat it with CLP... Aside from waiting it takes less than 5 minutes. I've gon as much as 1,100 round before cleanings just to see if it would malfunction, it didn't, I just couldn't take having a filthy gun anymore...

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