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Like I said above, it's because of inline frames.

Lookey here, folks, here's the deal:

The guy who wrote the software changed it for his own reasons, I can only hypothesize why. For better or for worse, for Netscape users, it's gone, because of the inline frames issue. Netscape can't do them, so the thread won't download with the reply window for NN users.

IE users, you can see the thread in the reply window just fine.

Personally, I open another window when I am going to post a reply because I can switch back and forth between the screens and not loose my place, which happens a lot when I scroll.

Everyone try this now: Right click on the Post reply icon. Select Open in New window. Reply in that. Want to switch back to this screen? Hit Alt+Tab and you can switch back almost instantly! Believe me, this is one Win95 keyboard shortcut I use alllllllll the time, more than Copy and Paste.

Using the Alt+Tab method, and opening threads in other windows, I can read every thread I want, without forgeting which folder was red and which one wasn't. Try it, it's easy.

Anyhow, the simple fact is that this method saves bandwidth, Almost 1/3rd of it. TFL doesn't have Advertising, and bandwidth isn't cheap. It's a small price to pay, especially when you know how to open the reply window seperately.


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