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I'm ready to give up on using DejaNews to read and post on that great refuge of the ignorant masses, rec.guns. I hate how long it takes each page change to reload with all their new graphics and ads (56k modem, thank you), and it's rather awkward to review other posts in the thread while in the post reply window.

Now, TFL *was* different, because the post reply window appeared at the top or the bottom of the thread string. Neat. Scroll up, refresh failing memory, scroll back down (or just start typing again if your cursor is still in the post window), and you're on your way.

Until this week, that is! This click here thingy to review thread in a separate browser window sucks!

Okay, admins, I'll back off and say I for one don't like it. Please don't be torqued at me, I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time. This site is TOO GOOD for me to run the risk of being banned.

Sorry. Really, I'm sorry. Now can we fix this (even if in a user profile option?) little quirk and get back to the fun stuff?

I'll be good. Promise!
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