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I know this situation is probably almost impossible to change, and perhaps I'm the only one irritated. But, personally, I'm really tired of threads like this (paraphrased):

"I don't think anyone should buy Kahr firearms because they are owned by the Moonies."

And later, in the same post, the Topic Starter states something like "I really don't know anything about the Moonies ... I just thought I'd jazz you guys."

Or, "So, is $1,200 a good price for a pre-ban AR?". And later, "Aw, I know it's a great price, and I also know everything there is to know about AR's, and I'm only 19."

I think it's fine to kid around with each other, but some of these BS threads are getting a little tedious, IMHO. I enjoy the debates we have here, but I am somewhat less interested in returning to TFL everytime I spend some time on such a thread.

So, maybe I'm a bit touchy tonight, but I wonder if anyone else finds this to be an irritating waste of time?
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