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Originally Posted by 44 AMP
I have used both in real life. And was Army trained as a Small Arms Repairman on both the M14 and the M16A1.

My preference, if I am going hunting (men or anything else), I choose the M14 over the M16. In a defensive situation, the M16 has the edge in putting out rounds faster, but neither one comes close to a good dependable belt fed gun (like a Browning, or an FN, not like the M60).

Modern variants of the AR have inproved the accuracy a lot, and the dependability some (with the right ammo it never was as bad as the rep it got, but with the wrong ammo it sucked) too bad it only took them 40 some odd years to get most of the bugs out of the system!
Yep, the Germans had it all figured out when they made the machinegun the center of infantry tactics.
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