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Since you, guys and gals, are amng my enablers, I thought I'd pose this queston to you ;-(

I received advice that amounted to removing all firearms from my home to my parents, cutting out TFL/Ar15/Glocktalk forums and Usenet, basically getting out of technical and political areans. Cold turkey.

Seems my interest in firearms looks like an additction to concerned friend(s?) -- can't get enough, get depressed at set-backs, paranoid about this and that(as evidenced by my Waste a Vote post), takes time from the rest of my life.

To an extent, that is true. However, the advice came after I stopped letting the political set-backs affect my mood. It also came after a two-week break from range trips. Starting threads on TFL was one of the triggers.

Anyway, fellow junkies, do you think you and I need psychiatric counceling? If we do, will that mean, a few days or years later, loss of legal firearms ownership? (Or is it too late to worry about legalities?)

One of the comparisons made was between a glass-a-day drinker (i.e. carries a .38 with a permit, which I will never get here) and a total dipso (like me).

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