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Hmm...I was really thinking semi-auto, but Pump wouldn't be bad either. I'm not a fan of a bolt slug gun, don't know why, just doesn't have an appeal.

I like the looks of the Ithaca 37 Deerslayers. Those are pretty sweet guns, my buddy has one, he has put many a deer down with it.

The other one that caught my eye in a pump was the Benelli Nova or Supernova slug guns. Don't know much about them, but they sure do catch the eye.

On semi-auto, I'd have to handle a Mossberg, haven't ever felt one up. Are they gas or inertia? I'm a huge fan of inertia guns, never really liked gas guns due to dirtiness.

The other two big ones are the Browning Auto 5 and the Gold, both of those are sweet looking guns. That and it is Browning, even though I'd be paying for the name, it is one I can trust.

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