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David had a great one, but if we used that, all the shirts would have to be XXXXL!

With due respect to Joe, he's got some great shirts there. However, and maybe I'm too low key, TFL doesn't strike me as the kind of site that would be accurately advertised with the 'macho'-type slogans / t-shirts.

This site has developed, IMHO, as an intelligent, professional, skilled group of shooters who have a firm philosophy of independence, responsibility and a respect for self-defense, hunting, gunsmithing and so on. We have a great mix of LEO's, military personnel, civilians, amateurs and experts. The challenge would seem to involve finding a slogan that most members would wear with pride, no?

I'm sure my politics are showing, but from my perspective, I would be disappointed to see TFL t-shirts that sounded something like (as Mort so eloquently put it recently, in jest ) 'GLOCK 4EVR AND DEF LEPPARD ROX [email protected]$*&!%'.

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