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Well, CR and I are the "artsy" types, so that part is easily covered. As for ideas, Oleg suggests something like "Free People Own Guns, Slaves Do Not" and a graphic of a flintlock musket receiver and a Garand or M-14 receiver side-by-side...

Or, a picture of the constitution with the words "Follow the Law."

Another possibility (may not be appropriate to wear in public ), would be a collage from Auschwitz and Soviet "projects" and our own Klansmen, Waco, etc... with a caption "Remember. Stay armed."

I suggested to use the same graphic, except replace "Remember." with "Why." (the statement, not the question).

There is yet another possibility... Oleg has all of his posters readily available at <a href="">his site</a> and we could just incorporate TFL logos into them...

Any other suggestions?

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