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Is it an auto loader or pump you would prefer? I do not know which shotgun is the most accurate. I do know that mossbergs in either action type are plenty darn accurate for any shot I would try. A pump slug gun is not 300 dollars which leaves plenty of money to buy a scope and practice ammo compared to many offerings. An auto loader Mossberg with slug barrel will cost less than some "finer" pump shotgun.I do know that the one "nearly unused" used winchester we had for a very short time earned the nick name "JAM-A-MATIC" regardless of the cleaning we did to it. We even took it the gunshop where they showed us the proper way to clean it. we were already doing it right so they did a thorough inspection and said it was in great shape. But the shop keeper did inform us that most folks never considered that model to be even remotely reliable.
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