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I know it sound stupid. You know what is even more stupid. I have a license that allows me to own hi-cap mags I just can not own any that were made after the assault weapons ban on 9/94.
While almost all the other states realize that those who wish to do harm will not care what date there mag was made, who made there gun (probably illegally purchased), or weather it is legal for them to own in the first place.

Mass. takes the position that if high cap mags and firearms in general are outlawed that there will be no crime. Geez I do not know why the rest of you can not understand this simple theory. No guns = no crime worked in Australia and England did it not? (those with opposing thoughts do not count)

Those of us who wish to abide by the law are put in a position to pay extra or go to extra lengths in order to not brake the law.
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