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Other than such physical difference as 1) relationship of belt-line and hips being different for women than for men; and 2) Some women's breasts being "in the way", the main reason for a women's forum would be the psychological aspect of having a woman moderate and speak to, what, the "cultural" or culturally-induced differences for guns as between men and women?

I agree with the previous poster that most of the issues concerning guns are the same for men as for women. Unfortunately, our culture has too many women asking the "wrong" questions for the average man to answer to "her" satisfaction.

Whatever works to get women past that first stage of nervousness about the "world of guns" is good. We've all seen the woman as a first-time shooter need reassurance more than actual training. Once you get past that, I'd rather teach a woman than a man, since their egos aren't involved and they don't have to un-learn all those Hollywood techniques...

Hope this ain't too convoluted, and is of some help. Best regards.

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