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Rob Pincus
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ANother little annoying thing is this:

I generally am online at all times when home, at least my computer is on all the time, so I leave my browser open and a window basically dedicated to TFL. As long as I reload the index page I get properly updated red targets when there are new posts. however, if I close my browser of use that navigation window to go to another site, when I go back to the splash page (www.the and click "enter" the targets get reset to the last time I came through the "front door" and of, course, after a day or two of having my computer on EVERYTHING lights up as if there are new messages, this also makes all the folders light up red. I guess it has somehting do to with the cookies, but I'm not sure I understand the difference between reloading the index page and re-entering the index page. -oh-well.

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