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Rich Lucibella
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Thanks, Spark.
Here's what happened: I originally installed the freeware version of UBB, to test the server and assure compatibility. I then had someone from UBB's list install the licensed version.

Well, he set the Members' file pointer to the original Member file (not the one in our current cgi directory). That's why, when we talked last night, I asked where the members file was. I put it on Zach's to-do list for today and he located it.

What happened tonite was that we copied the real Member file over to the cgi/Members directory and then changed the pointer index in forumsindex file. We changed the attributes on the files, as required and Updated and Reindexed. That's when everything went to hell on a bobsled.

Zach and I were on ICQ at the time. I thought he'd changed the pointers back; he thought I we spent about an hour scrambling to find out what had happened. Zach finally asked the question: "Are you sure you changed the pointer back?". "No, I thought you did!"; "Doh!"

Were in good shape now, though. Tomorrow, we'll be installing a dummy copy of the software on the server. Well test future changes there, before loading them to the public area.

Thanks for being there for us. Actually, I *tried* to find a better BB system than UBB. As you've already learned, this is the best available.

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