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Winchester model 06, .22 pump rifle serial number/date question again

Hello, will someone please put a date to my rifle for me, serial number 803xxx.

I've had this Winchester nearly 20 years, always wondered about it. Now looking, I see Jim Keenan here talking about one:

I found a couple samples at Cabelas and as suspected are somewhat desirable.

709xxx/1912, asking $1299:

724xxx / 1913 engraved $2999 sold:

I am not looking to sell my rifle. I would like opinions about it. It doesn't appear to have been sanded on but it's not as dark as most. The blueing is nearly perfect. I don't believe it has been refinished. Check it out:

You can see here there is no wear to the sliding parts and bluing:

Thanks for looking, thanks for the great site, Matt

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