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"About Wild Bill"

Interesting that my first post on this site would be on this subject. It's hard to believe that Bill is still up to his same old standard of doing business.

After reading a number of glowing reports@ his carry leather, I called & placed an order. Much of what I went through was exactly what everyone else in this thread exerienced.

What really got to me was how so many gun writers extolled his virtues & "quality of product" compared to the real quality of what I ordered, when after much aggrivation, it FINALLY got to me.

The quality & workmanship just wasn't that great either. At least not for what I paid & the time I had to wait, not to mention all the general s@#%* I went through to get it.

All this brings us to wonder who profits from the "glowing praises' of some of our recognized gun gun writers........
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