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BLUES.... I spent a week or so contacting a wide array of barrel makers choke tube manufacturers, etc... & was unable to find anyone with the tooling to rifle a 10 gauge barrel or choke tube...

admitedly the SP-10 repeater with the thumbhole stock is a very attractive base gun ( though it's hugely expensive when compared to the "handi's" ) so I would not be opposed to buying a Handi, even buying a barrel blank & having it fit to the gun, ( I could get that done locally pretty easily, if I could find anyone that could do 10 gauge rifled barrel or choke tube rifling )... I thought I'd read a few years back, that the difference in accuracy between a fully rifled barrel, & the same slugs out of smooth bore with a rifled choke tube was very marginal so I'd be happy to start with either...

... after that, a projectile will need to be chosen... a 1.75 ounce slug would be a shoulder buster, but would litterally shoot rainbow patterns... so a saboted "bullet" would likely be a better option, I could have some bullet molds machined ( again pretty easily ), as just using an existing bullet in that huge bore doesn't seem right, & buying .600 or bigger bullets seems costly, especially since I have almost a ton of lead on hand for bullet casting...
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