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I bought one in 30.06 Friday, took it out to the range to sight in today. I am not a rifle expert but 300 dollars for 30.06, a decent 3x9 scope = in my car within the hour.

The scope was boresighted at the factory, after I zero'ed it at 100 yards I shot about a 2-3" 5 shot group with it from a cheap plastic rest.

Being new to rifles, especially bolt action rifles, I will say that it is TOUGH to throw the bolt to eject/load but other than that the trigger break was nice and you can adjust it yourself (they recommend against doing so however). The scope was good enough for 100 yards, probably double that, I'm going to try that tomorrow.

There are probably better rifles in the world than that one but for the cost/quality I don't think I made a bad choice. How it will perform in the long run remains to be seen though.
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