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Rem 770?

Should I buy or not. Heres the deal, I don't need another rifle but,... Wally world(not some were I truly want to purchase a gun from anyway) has Rem 770's with scope for 299 plus a 30 dollar rebate. A new gun for 270 bucks!!!

The only local gun store in my area, I don't like all that much any way. Really it is in the next town anyway. I usually have to drive about an hour to go to a gun store I will buy from. Wally world only 10 min.

What do I do? Wallmart also has Rem 700 synthetic for 300 slat no scope. And I know I probably wont want the scope that comes with the gun any way. Is it worth it for the 770 and the flack I will have to take from my wife? Especially since I have been talking her into the idea for buying s couple of AR lowers to build on to you know, lessen the feel of the cost by purchasing parts over time.

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