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I like the upper here (but what do i know). if its a good deal, should i buy the other offered parts as well? want a quality weapon w/o spending 1000 bucks.
still not sure what assemblies are needed.
thanks tom

RARE M4 Custom Shop upper. This is made up of the same components that Rock River Arms uses. The same receivers can also be found on Bushmaster weapons. This is one of the highest quality uppers you can buy. Just check my feedback. Save big on this deal! You won't find this deal anywhere and a custom order will have you waiting at least a full month. Buy this one now, skip the wait and save big. The barrel is a Wilson Arms 14.5" M4 with a phantom flash hider. The barrel with phantom measures a legal 16" and is chromoly steel with a rare government profile, light under M4 handguards. Flash hider is not permanently attatched so if you want to add another attatchment you can. The bore is rifled 1 turn in 9" with the larger feedramps in the barrel. A4 “flat-top” Cardinal Forge upper Receiver is Forged and has the Military RAS numbers on the rail so you know where you last mounted your optics. This allows you to return them to the correct spot for an instant zero. Upper is new and in perfect condition. Chrome lined chamber and perfect bore for super accuracy and long life. Auction is for the upper assembly only, a brand new headspaced, matched bolt carrier assembly and charging handle will be available to the high bidder for an additional $129. If you want, the winning bidder can also add a matched forged A2 carry handle with sights for $85. I prefer Money orders
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