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Go to the thrift store and find a fedora or other wool felt hat for 99 cents. Buy a cheap chinese made punch set at the dollar store and you now have a lifetime of wads for pistols in .32, .36 and .44 calibers. There are punches in those sets that fit those calibers pretty well. Any fat or commercial lube will work for lubing wads. Doing gun stuff is what you do when you sit in front of the tube numbing your mind with the useless drivell. I can deprime and size hundreds of shells with my Lee handloader during a half an hour show. I dump them into the shell cleaner/tumbler at the end ...... I'll commonly cut out muzzleloading patches with a pencil, a template and pillow ticking during a show on TV. I actuall don't care for TV much .... I'd rather be reloading, woods walking, hunting or fishing ...... If it wasn't for my wife, I'd get rid of the time wasting TV completely.
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