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tplumeri, I'm going to answer a question I think you asked. The only part that requires the help of an FFL holder is the lower receiver – not even the parts (controls) that fit in it. The rest of the rifle, including the menacing looking parts (upper with barrel, bolt group, etc.) are easy to order through the internet.

I found one of the on-line dealers for lowers was in my state so I went to his place of business (mostly an office with a shop behind, not really a store) and bought a couple of lowers. We did the paperwork right in his office, he made the FBI call, and after paying him, I was on my way home. This prevented me from needing to have the dealer send the lower to a local FFL near me where I would have to pay a transfer fee. I did have to pay the sales tax since it was in my state, but no shipping or FFL fees. The rest of the parts for my build, I simply picked from the myriad of good companies on the web, ordered them, and waited to be delivered to my home.

See if there is a dealer in your state or hometown that sells good lowers. The rest you can do from your home!
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