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I personally don't think you can go wrong with high end Bushnell or Nikon. I actually just bought a Nikon Monarch and have been pretty impressed so far. The funny thing is that when I went to Bass Pro, I was set on coming home with a Leupold or a Zeiss and was set to spend about up to $450..

I spent about an 90 minutes comparing Leupold, Zeiss, Nikon and Bushnell scopes and spent some time with a very informed guy at the counter. When I walked away, I had a new found respect for Nikon. I'm not saying Leupold and Zeiss aren't very nice scopes, but I thought the Nikon was a slightly better scope and a better value out of all 4 brands. Keep in mind that I only looked at scopes within the $300 to $450 price range. I'm sure the high end Zeiss and Leupolds are in a class by themselves.
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