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This brief range report about the Electra was posted several hours ago:

The guy I went to the range with was sighting in his new CVA Electra. His load was 150gr of 777 pellets and a 270 Platinum Powerbelt. His load averaged just under 2100fps and shot about 1" at 100 yards. He also tried 100gr of pellets and it shot almost exactly 3" low to the 150 load and about 1800fps. Unfortunately for me he finished shooting about the same time I did and had put his gun up before I realized I hadn't got to shoot it. He said maybe next time since we both had to get going. I was impressed with the guns accuracy but it's not any more accurate than mine and it took him about as long to load and shoot as it did me. I didn't see any huge advantage in the system, just different in a couple of steps. I still want to shoot it just to say I have.
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