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IPSC match

I shot a 5 stage USPSA match on Sunday morning. It's the first match I've shot since the end of June.

I borrowed a friend's Wilson Combat SA auto in 9mm and shot in the "Limited 10" division.

The trigger on that gun is NICE. Probably breaks at about 3-1/2 lbs. Maybe (?) too light for defensive use, but very pleasant to shoot.

I found the Wilson to be MUCH easier to shoot than the DAK Sig or Glock 19 that I usually compete with. My accuracy scores showed it, although I didn't shoot particularly fast. (I never do. I'm just not that speedy).

It's nice to be able to compete with a different gun once in a while.

In 2008 I hope to get classified in IPSC and IDPA in all the different revolver categories, just for something different to do.

My duty gun is still going to remain my primary competition gun for most applications, however . . .
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