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Uberti 1849 Pocket

Hello all, the story: Purchased a Uberti colt pocket few weeks back and nothing but headaches! caps falling off, no .32cal wads avail., I didn,t want to get into cooking fat and finding felt to punch.
The fix, Thunder Ridge nipples for #11 caps "they FIT" after seating with hammer they ain,t goin nowhere, cheapo punch set from Harber Freight 1/2 in on down .36cal wads prelubed and I,m in business. Oh yeah the punches wouldn,t punch toilet paper untill I used fine grinding wheel and file to sharpen.
Bottom line this hobby is for the dedicated only. Almost gave up but I really like the look and feel of the little colt. With aging eyes and fat fingers still some what of a challenge, but then if you just want to spray lead get a plastic wonder nine. Shoot Safe.
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