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I picked up my rifle today. I ended up withe the Savage 111. Acouple things I wasn't expecting though. First, instead of having that hard rubber but plate, like the ones on my 11F's in 243 and 22-250, it has something Savage calls a P.A.D. recoil pad. It appears to be a gel type like the Sim's limbsaver. It came with a detatchable magazine. I was expecting a blind magazine. The trigger was so heavy it wouldn't read on my RCBS trigger pull guage. don't know the exact weight but I'd guess around 6-7 lbs. No problem. I had it adjusted down to 3 lbs (with no slam fires) in less than five minutes. I just need to find some good glass now. That Simmon's Blazer 3-9x40mm probably ain't gonna last too long on an '06.
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