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Re; Wild Bill's Concealment UPDATE

Nothing arrived after I was told it was being shipped. So I called two weeks or so ago. I was told it was shipped but that it was shipped to my Canadian address by mistake and it would take a little longer (it is actually just as fast by Priority Mail... and all of my orders placed both prior to and subsequent to my order with Wild Bill's have all arrived in good order).

So I called today, Friday October 12, five weeks after being told my goods were in stock and would be shipped that day (Sept 5/07). And I was told that my shipment did NOT in fact get shipped. They mixed me up with another customer. They were embarrassed and they would ship Monday by Priority Post USPS. I was told that the holsters were finished and being died... they were going to just have to wait for the die to dry and then they would ship the order. Monday for sure. (Oct 15/07) and they would call me with a delivery or tracking confirmation number. I am not sure why the holsters were being finished and died when I was already told some weeks ago that they were in stock.

So far, it has been five weeks of me calling them as opposed to them calling me. Hey, I understand that people make mistakes. We all do.

The latest promise is that the holsters will be died and dried for Monday and will be shipped out and should arrive by Wednesday. The latest promise is that I will be advised of the tracking number when it ships on Monday. I will report back my friends.

And I expect that by the end of the week I will be reporting good news or bad news. I can only hope that it is the former... I would like to see happy customers and a good report being posted.

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