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Originally Posted by JohnKSa
a truly sharp knife in the hands of someone who has a reasonable idea how to use it
If you had been there for our entire discussion you would have dfinitely heard your position discussed. The sharpest knife in the world is of little good to a novice.

However, we also discussed physical conditioning (which I have approached with a new regard over the past three months) and the mental aspects of readiness and even 'will.'

These are of more importance, I believe. For example, my wife is surrounded by very good equipment, and has been for over three decades. I think there would be tears in her eyes if she had to pull a trigger. And by that I mean during the exchange, not as a part of PTSD.

To be honest, some people and situations just tick me off. And I mean in a more visceral mode. It centers in some form of unfairness, usually to a smaller person or animal. I never cared for bullies, probably because my own Father tried it--once too often.

During these limited incidents of exchange it will be a good bet that all I'll have is a HD-7 and some type of off-body .380 ACP. You run what you brung. And since local laws and attitudes limit my choices, even as a good guy, you must perfect your edges.
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