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Originally Posted by Wrascal
How does one unsubscribe from this post? Its like the energizer bunny.
I'm sorry you feel that way, but to many of us, this is the realistic condition of readiness, which also encompasses self defense.

As I have stated, I have no CCW privileges/rights in Wisconsin. Unless I break the law (and that would be wrong), I am limited to contact weapons and pepper spray.

And as another aspect of the real world, when I work it's usually within the building of a client. In the Peoples' Republik of Madison that means liberals. Even if I had a CCW license I might be restricted due to sign posting. And, of course, losing that client.

And while I am a very serious firearms collector and reloader, many like me have to endure the never-ending amateurish jokes (and insults) about taking a knife to a gunfight.

One of the great places for political debates is at the locker room at my health club. And we discuss many of the same concerns there that we do at TFL. Believe it or not, not all Democrats belittle firearms or self defense.

When the issue of martial arts and "knive/gunfight" got tossed around, I defended our rights and even mentioned the 21-foot-rule. Surprisingly, many were informed.

One of the members who works out with me is a knowledgeable martial arts practitioner. We've discussed bare-handed confrontations on several occasions. And we've also discussed contact weapons.

He made this comment, "...that doesn't apply to you, Chico, you're a professional sharpener and you've been knocked around a few times..."

One of the deciding factors (and I agree) is training and focus. There are several men in their sixties that I still give a wide berth. They're strong, they're trained and they are dangerous.

Perhaps a serious discussion of contract weapons (or simple knives as tools) might be better served in a different segment of this forum--that's for the mods to decide. But while people with contact weapons remain threats, good guys like us must apply our knowledge to defense with firearms and other martial diciplines.
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