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Question re scope rings on flat-top varmint AR15

I am building a precision AR with a Rock River stainless bull-barreled 20" upper, and with a Magpul Precision adjustable stock.

Topping it with a Super Sniper 10x42.

That's the known stuff. The unknown is- which rings to get a good cheek weld? The Magpul stock is adjustable enough if the scope was too high, but what little info I have found indicates that the problem for an AR is that low mounts are more of a problem. Makes sense, with the buffer tube situation one cannot lower the stock.

So what ring height should I be looking for. I was going to buy Warne Tactical Ultra-high rings (model 617, 0.85" high, solid steel) but figured I should do a little checking first.

FWIW, I am not bothering with BUIS so quick detach or see through mounts are not a consideration.

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