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They make some really nice knives.

Here's my story about buying one. My job takes me to Yuma AZ, while waiting around to return home I was walking around "Old Town" Yuma. Walked into a kinda junk store to see what they had, saw a knife that looked interesting.

The person working there handed it to me and I flipped it over to see who made it. It said TOPS, had the company logo blah blah blah. I looked at the price and it was $30 BUCKS! I figured some Marine was out of cash and sold it to them for a few bucks. So knowing that I wanted this knife I whipped out $30 and was on my way.

When I got back home I jumped on their site to see which model it was and the price. I found the knife and price ($200) but it was just a little different from the picture. I figured it might've been an older design and sent them an email asking about it. They replied and asked if I could send a pic of the knife and so off to get my camera and sent them a pic.

Get a reply back a couple hours later, the knife is a fake! Seems that the Chinese have been making copies and selling them, right down to using the companies logo!!! I went from to oh well, guess I learned a cheap lesson. Sure is one heck of a nice looking knife though.
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