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Originally Posted by Murdoch
the spydie in your pocket does not make you invincible
That's why I stack the deck.

There's not much, including some protective vests, that can withstand a razor blade. The trick in this equation is "perfecting" the edge.

First, the bevel must be 'repaired.' Not only must chips and grinding errors be eliminated, but the bevel must be trued front to back, and then left to right. It must have an equal width.

Then you buff with increasingly finer and finer grades of waterstones, and finish the polishing with paste and papers--usually in the 4000 grit range. The final result must appear like a flawless chrome bumper.

This kind of knife ain't your daddy's Barlow. Several of my clients carry two knives, one of them kept in pristine condition "just in case."

The one thing I've learned is that being good in martial arts doesn't make you invincible, either. I just give my clients better tools--and I tell them to stay out of saloons.
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