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Originally Posted by Murdoch
If a guy has a knife, I'd almost rather go barehanded
I urge all muggers in the Madison area to do precisely that.

One of the reasons I polish jackknives to mirror finishes using Japanese waterstones is that any common knife might have to be pressed into service for defense. As you know, Wisconsin has no legal provision for CCW.

As many will verify, any fight in the real world is sloppy at best. There is no well choreographed exchange as in a Bruce Lee movie. There's pushing and shoving, childish kicks and confusion.

A knife with a mirror finished edge is a problem from two standpoints.

First, you'd better be very good at an offense utilizing blocks, counter-attacks and grappling away weapons. Failure means you get your tendons cut down to the bone. Ask my hunting clients about field dressing deer.

Secondly, even your defensive wounds will be life threatening. There is a good reason why "death by a 1,000 cuts" is an apt ideology. Your hands and wrists cannot sustain numerous slices for very long before a large arteries are sliced open.

This kind of knife truly levels the playing field. Now granted, being in yellow is always a sound strategy for any aspect of modern life. However, even a trained figher had better be careful if I clamp onto him and start 'flailing' away with a mirror finished chisel grind knife.
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