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Leupold??? V-X VS Vari-X??

I am wondering what the difference is between Vari-X and VX Leupold Riflescopes?
As of today I am the proud owner of my third Leupold, All of them are Vari-X, black gloss finish, no AO, Two are Vari-X II's (3-9x and 2-7x), one is a Vari-X III (3.5-10x)
Is it just me or are the Vari-x's commanding higher premiums over the VX's, as far as I can figger the VX is the new version, not offered in black gloss finish, I think. . .
I am pretty new to the Leupold Family, as I bought my first one less than 8 months ago, and it has multiplied to three quite rapidly

What's the difference? Is there one?

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