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anyone make or ever made a 10 gauge rifled slug gun, & slugs... or are 12 gauge as big as the slug guns go ???
I can't say about the rifled slug guns, I do have 3 boxes of 10ga slugs at home. 1 box I picked up among some other 10ga shells (including 2 boxes of the old 2 3/4 inch 10ga shells) at a local auction. The other 2 boxes I found when Galyan's (sp?) sporting goods was bought out by Dicks sporting goods and was closing out alot of their products before the changeover. I was shocked to see those 2 boxes sitting on a shelf and I just couldn't stop myself from grabbing them.

There's several of the 10ga Slugs next to my Ithaca Mag 10 in the picture below. I've never actually shot slugs in it and don't really have any plans to do so. I will have to wait until I get home to check for the brand

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