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RE: Serios reservations about - conclusion

my 'benefit of the doubt' was misplaced with this guy.

the piece has not been shipped - in over a week, and thats after the final email and all the preceding "your FFL fax is not legible - mail it (snail mail)"

no email reply came...

So today (Monday) I call him up
Me (keeping very calm) - Hi, I have ordered a firearm a couple of weeks ago
and still I have no shipping confirmation or anything
Eric (very upbeat) - O you are that guy "THEY" said was unhappy
THEY canceled the order
Your visa was issued credit
Me - Who is it THEY ?
I called YOU last week?
(he hung up on me and would not pick up- I left a msg)
What kind of business/nonsense is this ?

Eric (gingerly) - THEY are not going to be back until Monday
- THEY are on vacation

Me ( ) - So the stuff I read in the forums is true ....
Eric (pleased with himself) - Well... there you go....
Me - hang up - whats the point.

Me (again) - calling my visa - since with this kind of attitude - its hard to believe anything he says - was there a charge from -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- is this called "Discount Distributors"
Visa - oh yes no ammoman but here is Discount Distr.,
yes charge
no credit
please hold for the dispute department
Me - good idea
Visa - we will deal with the merchants' bank
here is your credit we are issuing.
Me (thank g.d for visa) - thank you very much.

So ppl don't waste time (using Visa/MC/Amex...that is), and if you don't use a card then don't waste money.

will try elsewhere
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