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Super Bright & Super Adhesive
We use only the brightest and longest lasting photoluminescent pigments, which are up to five times as bright as Tritium, and glow brightly up to 30 hours after charging. Nitesiters are super industrial self-adhesive laminates that you can apply to your regular iron sights to make three dot or heinie arrangements to suit your own shooting style. The sights are resistant to scratching, moisture and gun cleaning solvents. They are engineered to be reliable under the most adverse conditions you might encounter, yet they can be removed without harming your firearm. The phosphors are Alkaline Earth Metal Compounds doped with Europium.
It looks interesting, but the "gun solvent resistant glue" thing is where I call BS. Gunsolvent and oil are very hard on anything thats applied after the finish, I.E. after the Gun's bluing or stainless polish is done. Duracoat is effectively "gunpaint" but requires the gun to be sand blasted and then it's baked on to stay adheared to the Gun.

I know the cost of premium tritium sights can seem high, but it should be the last set of sights that you have to buy for the gun.
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