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Well, count me in. I don't know what to say.
I place my order Sept 5, 2007 and received an immediate callback as my credit card information was wrong; I gave Bill my correct information and was told the goods were "in stock and would ship immediately".

I sent an email on September 15 which was responded to immediately "your goods will be shipped this week" (i.e. week of Sept 15, 2007).

All further phone calls and emails were not responded to at all. I called this morning (October 1, 2007) and was advised that the order has already been shipped but instead of shipping to our U.S. address it has shipped to our Canadian address. We can only hope and pray that it was not sent by UPS as if that is the case we will get hit with HUGE handling fees for bringing it across the border. If shipped by mail, it takes less time and the postal service here in Canada only charges a flat $5 for clearing customs. That's why we pick our stuff up from stateside and hand carry it back across the border. If they want a few dollars for taxes that's fine by me... at least they don't hit me with $30, $40 or $50 in handling fees on top of the shipping costs. We shall see. He did not say how it had been shipped only that it was already on the way. I should have, in hindsight, asked for a tracking number.

I called back and was told that they would not let him put a tracking number on it only delivery confirmation.

So, here I am. Almost a month down the road and still waiting, but it is alright so far. Not too bad a wait, although my orders from Andean, CDNN and others have already arrived (that were place subsequent to Wild Bill's). The proof will be in the pudding ... I am anxious to see what the quality of the product is. And I will report back here.. promise.

So. For now. Wild Bill's Concealment is in my good books. The reason they could not answer email is that they were doing a circuit of shows. I can live with that.

Especially considering delivery of some manufacturer's is running up to TWO YEARS, stated in advance. I just paid a $75 premium to get my hands on a Versa Max II for my HK P7M8 and it was worth it. It is the best holster I have found so far... but I really want something more compact for IWB, like the Summer Special or Royal Guard.

I think that's some of the stuff I ordered from Bill. Maybe he's given me some preferential treatment cuz my holster order was $350 or so and promises of more to come for others of our gun collection. I don't know.

I will give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong otherwise. I have yet to be 'hit' by anyone ANYONE in the gun business. They are all so exceptional! Outstanding! Andean, CDNN, and I must not forget Gunners Alley. All outstanding firms to deal with.

Wild Bill's communication is a bit behind the times.. it could be vastly improved and automated with a computer and some simple software for entering and tracking orders and it would improve his reputation considerably. But, so far, so good. I am looking for my parcel like a lost puppy dog here. I love getting parcels. And his story was so good and so complete I find it hard to believe that he could 'make up' a story like the one he gave me... i.e. 'spoke to Kim in shipping and the order has already gone out but it went to your Canadian address', etc. etc.

My fingers are crossed. There is nothing in the world that I would like better than to post a positive experience with Wild Bill's Concealment. They seem like such nice people. And you can be sure that I will report back here one way or the other guys. Either a warning to beware posted on every bulletin board, forum and website that I belong to, including my own website (front page so it appears on all the web search tools). Or a compliment of the highest order with comment on communication. Not so bad to deal with.
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