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Anyone ever wonder how these 8 year old posts come back to life?

This one does merit a good question though. How often do we actually notice things in a parking lot? Sure, in most places there will be a lot of people in a very wide open area which makes attackers less likely to engage. But how often are we alone in a parking garage? Lots of nooks and crannies for people to hide and do bad things to you.

In the senario described, it would be enough to put a few blips on my radar. Should I feel these two are causing "more suspecion" than I usually assign people, I would initate some tactics:

If possible, start weaving through the cars. If you're in a lot with several isles, cut between two cars and get to the next isle. Check to see if they follow. If they do, cut back to your original path. If they follow you here, my situational goes from Yellow to Orange.

Now, stop and make it known you are aware of their presence. My preferred method is to stop and tie a shoe. You can pivot 90 degrees, which puts them in your pereferal vision, then kneel down and tie a shoe. Look at them as your tying, just long enough to seem casual but let them know you see them. Make eye contact. You can also play along with your isle jumping and just act lost for a min. Spin around and look at them as you search for your vehicle. This could easily be enough to make them disengage you if you are a target for them.

Ah. That feels better. Haven't "Internet Commando"ed in quite a while
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