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Y'know, Boxcar, we get the point.

7/24: I ordered 500 rounds of Federal .38 Special +P LSWC-HP from Ammoman via his website late one night.

7/25: The next day, my credit card was debited for the correct amount and I received a verification email. The next day, I received a "UPS tracking number" from "quantumview" (a UPS tracking system name). So far so good.

Over the next few days the UPS tracking data didn't change.
8/3: Emailed them, asking if the order shipped. I get an email saying "backordered at this time" but no ETA. Offered a refund in the meantime. I emailed back asking if they had the plain LSWC in stock which was $10 cheaper. They said they did and I confirmed they could ship that instead and issue a credit for $10 to my VISA.

8/11: Product arrived but no credit to my VISA card. Opened the box and found two $5 bills in the box.

Opinion: I do not like doing business with companies that "kite" my money while waiting for products to arrive. Instead of informing the customer that the product was sold out & on backorder, you have to contact them to discover this fact. By now your VISA may have had a charge on it that increased the interest you pay on the balance. Plus, if Ammoman is managing their cash, they're floating your money and getting interest on it until they pay their bills.

Sorry, I won't deal with Ammoman again if I can avoid it. There are too many other businesses out there who want by patronage and my money and are more professional.
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