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Brown leather IWB for Officer size 1911, Brown Sharksin IWB Commander size 1911, Brown Shark OWB Commander/officer size 1911, two brown leather 45 mag pouches. one brown leather1-1/2" belt, One black sharksin 1-1/4" belt one black sharkskin 1-1/2" belt. Good equipment ready to buy OWB and IWB for 2" model 60. Daughter has digicamera full right now. Maybe pictures soon. The OWB tucks in well when worn at 3:30 to 4:00 and hides under a polo shirt or heavy tee shirt as long as I am not sweating too much. The IWBs are as comfortable as any I have used and a 1911 positively disappears again if I am not sweating too much. Pistols and mags very secure. Comfortable cary even with full steel or CRES framed pistols. Excellent workmanship nice people. BTW I am 6'4" tall 240# and wear a 48 XL suit coat (When I have to dress up)
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